Florida State Fair/Renaissance Festival 2013

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I'm an addict to turkey legs! Everywhere I go I must get myself a turkey leg. I spoil myself even when I can't even finish one. Ohh dear. 

I didn't go to the State Fair this year for rides or shows but to eat. We had a foodie adventure at the fair and we basically tried all the fried goodies. NEVER again will I do that because I felt so sick and gross. I tried most of the fried candies, including bubble gum and butter. I somewhat wanted to try the krispy kream burger but didn't have the chance. It may have been for the best.

We found a candy maze though!!

 Discussing with a friend on our mission into this maze of sweetness.
Baskets in hand!

I enjoyed the fried Reese's the best.

So the next event is the Renaissance Festival. It's still going on but I went to the first one and had a pretty kickin' time. My friend lent me some clothes so Rhea and I got to dress up!!

Pretty legit! We all look good :D

I love my outfit :D

Like always, gotta get my turkey leg!

We watched a few shows and also walked around for awhile. It's like a whole another place once you pass the gates. Many played their character well and there's just so much to do. I also got to try archery which was pretty cool even thought I suck. I did get a hang of it.

Should have worn better shoes because my feet were gross but oh well. I had a fun time here!!

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