Wait.. What?! It's already 2016?!

I seriously fail at blogging! A lot has happened and a lot more will happen. LIFE IS ALWAYS MOVING.

Let's just update with tons of photos and side comments! This will definitely bring up lots of memories.  Since the last post... I was dating a guy who just moved to Florida from California. The relationship actually had a shelf time (he wanted to move to Vegas), but we happened and he has decided to stay with me. We plan to move, but that will be for the future to come.

He's half Korean and half Spanish... Not a very popular mixture, but hey! It works and we've been together for 3 years now! It really doesn't feel that long and I will have to say... a lot has happened within that 3  years together.  No ring yet! But we have a very close relationship.

We will be traveling for the first time together in a few days! I'll also be meeting his friends and family too, so that's going to be scary (but in a good way).

Quick update on the dog! I still have him! He's still a big trouble maker, but he'll be turning 4 at the end of the year and has calm down from his rebellious years. I still.. love to dress him up!

We have also been wanting to add another doggy into our family. Hint. Hint. Soon.
I have a feeling it'll happen this year, but we shall see!!

We have been stopping by pet shops just to play with puppies. Oh, the joy they bring!

Hmm! Since I've moved back from Orlando and back in the Tampa Bay Area I am able to be with my friends more which I absolutely love! I don't have many, but I have the ones that matter.  Especially my bby girl Rhea!  I love all my dates with her the best :)

We are always doing the cool stuff around town!

Other than that... Here are the many things We've done since the last update (2 years) I will have to say... within the last two  years I have dressed up a lot for parties and cosplay!

Metro Con in Tampa! We dressed up as simple maids with colorful hair. It's a classic!

This was for Comic Con! Sassy females :D

This was Mega Con in Orlando! We tried a group theme!

Something a little creepy for our Halloween party at home!

This one was pretty cool, it was a costume party event hosted by Hendrick's Gin. It was fun and we made our costumes! We are proud girls :D

We made contact with this baby gator. Long story short.. We were at a Food Truck event that sucked balls and there was a pet expo in the same area! You can clearly tell which one we liked better :)

Can't miss out the State Fair with my two lovers!

I love her! She doesn't judge me and we can be so silly.

And other's who are also involved in my life! I am able to really enjoy my days now without stressing out too much.  I have a stable job, but I also have goals that I would like to reach.  Every year seems to be working itself out and I'm happy with how things are rolling out.

Until the next post :)

Peace outttt yaaaa~

A year later.. 2014

So it has been almost a year since I lasted blogged. Horrible huh? It might just be me because no matter how many times I promise myself I would blog I can never keep it up. It's for a little bit but I can never stay consistent with it. I'm always so busy or lazy and when I remind myself to blog or update it never happens.


I kept telling myself that I should really document my life. Especially after my boyfriend (btw... I got a boyfriend!) kept telling me that I have a memory of a goldfish. Which is sad. I admit that I have a horrible memory but it's gotten pretty bad that I don't remember "special" events.

Here's some updates.

Remember my little sweetie face puppy I got last year? Well, he's still here and he's such a trouble maker. Extreme trouble maker but I love him still.

After that I also went on a few Disney World trips last year. My boyfriend did also used to work there so I got to see him in his cute little uniform! Yum. But here's a few pictures from my trips there.

Oh wait, here's pictures from the first day I met him. Inside story of how we met? It was actually through OKC (OkCupid). Weird? Yes. I was nervous, anxious and freaking out. I've never had a good successful date with people from online dating websites nor have I heard any real good stories from friends meeting up with guys off OKC. We decided to check each other out and surprisingly we get along pretty well. Hint, hint. We are still dating and strong til this day!


Hmmm what else after that? I met my boyfriend and pretty much spent most our times together. It started once a week or so. After that a few days together and bam we are now living together. Moving fast huh? The next thing you know!! He's buying me food ;) Muhaha.

I shall probably make another post for the details on our relationship. It's more for me to re-read and remember because of my horrible memory.

After plentiful of dates my mind is pooped! Bring on the pictures :P

And here starts the new year with pictures :D

I have to also add that I went to the Hard Rock Casino for the first time this year. It's not as cool as I thought it would be because I lost money but then after being taught a card game I am actually enjoying playing at the tables rather than the slots so much more. Woot for gambling!

 Here's a little short story I have from a few days ago when I was out with Rhea. It's been awhile since I've had a date with her since I'm taken and all now but no one can ever beat our dates. So we started out at the Dali Museum to see their opening Andy Warhol exhibit. After that since we were in Downtown St. Petersburg we decided to hit up The Oyster Bar. Mmmm I can go for another few dozen of those suckers! Anyways as I was driving by I noticed a dog on the corner of a street. Nothing to it, we made some side comments that they were backpackers since they had large backpacks on them. Keep this in mind!

So after a few drinks in and a few hours into the night we walked passed them again. Once again I noticed the dog and that was what started our introductions to each other. These were three individuals that have been traveling down south for a few months. They met each other in St. Augustine I believe and stuck together since then.

 The female backpacker that we met told us she quit her job at a hospital for 8 years to travel. She has no regrets. I must admit I don't have the balls to do something like this. I give them respect and of course fed them pizza and water. I also snatched a photo with their beautiful and well trained dog!

Post V-day Celerabtion 2013 and dates

For this V-day I decided to make some yummy chocolate strawberries and fortune cookies. Especially for the bby girl Rhea. I made more than enough to share though!

Got a little note while working and some kissie lips :P

So I had a little surprise for Rhea. It wasn't the most organized event but it went pretty well seeing that I worked all night and only had an hour to get everything set. I always wanted a guy to surprise me with balloons so I took it in my own hands and did it for Rhea. I let her open my trunk and let the balloons fly away leaving her a special gift behind. I got her a teddy and flowers :D

We had a pretty chill V-day celebration. Late lunch, explored a new area, hunted down some after v-day sales, watched Warm Bodies, visited some friends, grabbed some sushi and ate in bed while watching Walking Dead on Netflix.

Fish dip, Jambalaya, Shrimp n Cheese grits, crawfish

Coffee and Jelly Shots at Witches Brewery. Alcohol and Coffee? Hmm!!

Party in the backseat!

I would have to say I had a pretty romantic after v-day celebration.. if only Rhea was a man!! Haha it's okay though because I still had a good time :)

I always have plenty of dates with Rhea and it keeps on getting better :P Even when I look like this on my off days.


Extremely long date night that ended with a comedy show with Steve Byrne. He's a cutie on stage with his clean suit. I liked his show but it would have been better without all the overdose sexual jokes. He's a sweetie though!

Self Cam!


Florida State Fair/Renaissance Festival 2013

I'm an addict to turkey legs! Everywhere I go I must get myself a turkey leg. I spoil myself even when I can't even finish one. Ohh dear. 

I didn't go to the State Fair this year for rides or shows but to eat. We had a foodie adventure at the fair and we basically tried all the fried goodies. NEVER again will I do that because I felt so sick and gross. I tried most of the fried candies, including bubble gum and butter. I somewhat wanted to try the krispy kream burger but didn't have the chance. It may have been for the best.

We found a candy maze though!!

 Discussing with a friend on our mission into this maze of sweetness.
Baskets in hand!

I enjoyed the fried Reese's the best.

So the next event is the Renaissance Festival. It's still going on but I went to the first one and had a pretty kickin' time. My friend lent me some clothes so Rhea and I got to dress up!!

Pretty legit! We all look good :D

I love my outfit :D

Like always, gotta get my turkey leg!

We watched a few shows and also walked around for awhile. It's like a whole another place once you pass the gates. Many played their character well and there's just so much to do. I also got to try archery which was pretty cool even thought I suck. I did get a hang of it.

Should have worn better shoes because my feet were gross but oh well. I had a fun time here!!


First Friday in St. Pete - Feb. 2013

My second time at First Friday in St. Petersburg beats the first! May be because there were more people and I actually drank this time. The night started out so clear and then became blurry but it was a fun night. Not too crazy but we had fun with each other :).

Catch me walking :)

We took some pictures with this uhhh car thing. No clue why or even how we were the only one able to get behind the ropes to get next to the car. All I know is that when we were posing everyone started to take their camera out and take pictures. AWKWARD.

We started out Sink or Swim adventure 

And somehow we ended up with photo strips of all us cramming into a photo booth. It apparently sounded like a good/smart idea to get 5-6 people into a booth!

Fun night :D We ended it with some Taco Bus and a little chat at Danny's place.