after v-day,

Post V-day Celerabtion 2013 and dates

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For this V-day I decided to make some yummy chocolate strawberries and fortune cookies. Especially for the bby girl Rhea. I made more than enough to share though!

Got a little note while working and some kissie lips :P

So I had a little surprise for Rhea. It wasn't the most organized event but it went pretty well seeing that I worked all night and only had an hour to get everything set. I always wanted a guy to surprise me with balloons so I took it in my own hands and did it for Rhea. I let her open my trunk and let the balloons fly away leaving her a special gift behind. I got her a teddy and flowers :D

We had a pretty chill V-day celebration. Late lunch, explored a new area, hunted down some after v-day sales, watched Warm Bodies, visited some friends, grabbed some sushi and ate in bed while watching Walking Dead on Netflix.

Fish dip, Jambalaya, Shrimp n Cheese grits, crawfish

Coffee and Jelly Shots at Witches Brewery. Alcohol and Coffee? Hmm!!

Party in the backseat!

I would have to say I had a pretty romantic after v-day celebration.. if only Rhea was a man!! Haha it's okay though because I still had a good time :)

I always have plenty of dates with Rhea and it keeps on getting better :P Even when I look like this on my off days.


Extremely long date night that ended with a comedy show with Steve Byrne. He's a cutie on stage with his clean suit. I liked his show but it would have been better without all the overdose sexual jokes. He's a sweetie though!

Self Cam!

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