First Friday in St. Pete - Feb. 2013

10:46 PM Dena 0 Comments

My second time at First Friday in St. Petersburg beats the first! May be because there were more people and I actually drank this time. The night started out so clear and then became blurry but it was a fun night. Not too crazy but we had fun with each other :).

Catch me walking :)

We took some pictures with this uhhh car thing. No clue why or even how we were the only one able to get behind the ropes to get next to the car. All I know is that when we were posing everyone started to take their camera out and take pictures. AWKWARD.

We started out Sink or Swim adventure 

And somehow we ended up with photo strips of all us cramming into a photo booth. It apparently sounded like a good/smart idea to get 5-6 people into a booth!

Fun night :D We ended it with some Taco Bus and a little chat at Danny's place.

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