2012 hottest X-mas

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A little late on blogging but it's better than nothing! Last year/ this year has to be one of the hottest winter season every. It got a big chilly for a few days but after that it's been getting pretty hot now. It's only the second week of January but I already recorded temperature up to the 90s already!!

Freaking hot!

I used picture apps to make it more "Christmas like" but if I'm able to wear dresses and short sleeves it's def not cold enough!! It's pretty sad but what do you expect when you live in Florida!

More cam whoring collage :D

I decided to made special treats for some special people. I wanted to do more than just chocolate pretzels but I was running out of time and just stopped here. They were pretty darn good though because I used a toffee coat under the chocolate so it was a salty, caramel and sweet chocolate twist. Yum!

This Christmas, after spending some time with the family I ended spending most of my time with friends. I attended a family party at Rhea's aunt I believe and than the next day we hung out with each other at a bar. What a great Christmas huh? I actually didn't mind because it was a more stress free and relaxing holiday. Which is always nice!

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