12-11-2012 Self Portrait

12:09 AM Dena 0 Comments

I don't think I'm cute or anything but I do enjoy cam whoring while I'm bored or "think" I look cute. Today I quickly finished my portfolio for creative writing and went to campus to turn it in. While at it I decided to sit in my car to take a few photos. I always feel weird taking pictures of myself when others are around but I guess I shouldn't right? Everyone does it. I just do it a bit more than necessary.

Yes I even took a photo of myself outside under an umbrella in the rain!! Haha I don't get to use my clear umbrella that often but when I do I love it!! It's such a cool umbrella, it is shaped like a upside U so I'm fully shielded from the rain head to.... chest.

Afterwards I ran a few errands trying to return some rented books and sell others (which was not successful) and then off to dinner with Rhea!

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