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Dunedin Art Walk - January 2013

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I once again fail at keeping this blog alive! I'll have to catch up once again. Here's to a post with my new baby boy Benji. My friends wanted to go to Dunedin for an Art Walk so I decided to take Benji out for his first test run with people. He did pretty well that day. I was mobbed by everyone wanting to touch him but he didn't have too much of a problem with them.

sitting alone for .01 seconds
People just come mobbing me and Benji the whole day

 I guess who wouldn't with that cute face of his!!

He's grown so much since then! Much bigger than I expected but he's still a cutie pie. I'm hoping he stops because he's almost 14 pounds already and that's more than double than my older dog. 


When I first got him he didn't know how to pose for the camera but after a few practices I think he's got it down!

I can't help but love that face of his!

I got him a nice jacket :D
oh and a shirt :D

Baby's first visit from the Groomers!

He recently got neutered so he's not in the best shape but he's still cheerful and floppy as ever. He's healing up nicely and is off his pain relievers. And a big appetite like before!

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