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1-12-2013 Glow Run 5k - St. Pete

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I was super super excited for this 5k! We have been prepping for this 5k for more than a week before hand and even though there were a tons of mishaps we all still had a blast. I also loved the quality of the shirts we received (unisex) and I'm going to reuse our tutus in the future for our other fun 5ks. Rhea and I have been trying to do at least one 5k a month and it's some what happening except for last month which was a bit too crazy with money and time.

I wish we had taken more photos but I'm really glad we had a few somewhat good photos. They def show you how awesome our gear was for that night. We took some off the camera but they were mostly blurry, luckily the ones off our iphones turned out nice.

This was the first 5k medal I got. It's a pretty awesome piece of metal too, too heavy to wear but I love it!! I absolutely love our outfits :D!

Ending photo with the Glow Run 5k banner and a fobby fountain picture!



January - New beginnings 2012

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A new year! A new... lots of things.

I moved back home which is a good and bad thing. I enjoyed my own responsibilities and also my own space while living away from home but money wise and other situation just always caused me to take a step back. Now that I'm back home it feels a bit more comfortable and at ease but I still enjoy living on my own.

While being back home for a few days I ended up getting a dog as an impulse buy. I really like him! He's pretty chill except that he's so black it's hard to see his face. He's so lovable though, took him out to an event in Dunedin and man he got so much attention I almost wanted to just take him home. He's super friendly so I'm glad!

Meet Benji! Benji Bear!

He's going to get a little bigger than what I would prefer my dogs to be but I somewhat don't mind. I love toy dogs but their health is so difficult to work with plus they are so fragile. I'm unsure how much bigger this little baby boy will be but I'm hoping NOT too much bigger. They said he would get to be 12 lbs but it could be a little more. 

He's such a baby right now and loves to cuddle!


2012 hottest X-mas

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A little late on blogging but it's better than nothing! Last year/ this year has to be one of the hottest winter season every. It got a big chilly for a few days but after that it's been getting pretty hot now. It's only the second week of January but I already recorded temperature up to the 90s already!!

Freaking hot!

I used picture apps to make it more "Christmas like" but if I'm able to wear dresses and short sleeves it's def not cold enough!! It's pretty sad but what do you expect when you live in Florida!

More cam whoring collage :D

I decided to made special treats for some special people. I wanted to do more than just chocolate pretzels but I was running out of time and just stopped here. They were pretty darn good though because I used a toffee coat under the chocolate so it was a salty, caramel and sweet chocolate twist. Yum!

This Christmas, after spending some time with the family I ended spending most of my time with friends. I attended a family party at Rhea's aunt I believe and than the next day we hung out with each other at a bar. What a great Christmas huh? I actually didn't mind because it was a more stress free and relaxing holiday. Which is always nice!