11-16-2012 Tampa Challenge Nation

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So basically 5k with scavenger hunt? Hmmm! Sounds fun, but honestly it was way harder than a regular 5k. We ended up running around all downtown tampa for possibly 6+ miles so around 10k. It was a fun experience but I loved how creative it is.

It was a GREAT picture opportunity and it was fun getting dressed up and seeing everyone else dressed up :D. Team Asian Buffet! I was a ninja, Danny was pikachu and we had Rhea as Chun Li.

Waiting for Danny to arrive :D 

Sat down at Hooters in Channelside working on all those clues! We had to get 11 out of 12 to pass. They were pretty hard clues too, but we got them!

I don't remember what clue this was but YES we basically had to get all the team members into the turtle shell for a pic!

We had to figure out the poem and then pose as the statue that was missing. Or something like that? 

LAST photo for the event. After running through the water fountain a few times we called it a day(?). It was soooo cold afterward.

There was also a lot of FIRST. After the event Rhea and I went bar hopping around in Channelside. Started at Wet Willies for some frozen treats, chocolate treats, Side Splitters for more drinks and munches, Lit Cigar for an unexpected first cigar experience and then went to try Bamboozle.

A night of massive drinks and food :)

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